I’ve discovered that as I get older, I learn more about myself and how my views have changed (or perhaps improved).

I’ve always known that I’m a reasonably positive person. The glass has always been half full and not half empty. But now, I can see that not only do I still have half a glass left, but the glass is refillable!

Only I could start the day by nearly (and deliberately) running over my son’s headmaster, and still look on the bright side – and then turn it into a blog! In my defence it was his own stupid fault for trying to get me to stop when I didn’t know who he was (he had a hat on and I’ve only met him once, three years ago!) and it did lead to us have a lovely chat over the phone (the fact that he was in a good mood may have meant he’d just had a stiff drink!). I also understand from said son that I’m the hero of his school friends and gave them the best laugh they’ve had in ages. So what could have been a horrible incident which traumatised or stigmatised my son, ended up escalating me to cult status at the school.

Despite my very positive nature, it can still be hard to get clients to look on the bright side of things. If they are in contact with me, the chances are that something horrid has happened to them. Although some of what we do is very positive (like buying a new home or setting up a new business), many are getting divorced, suing someone or being investigated by the police. Nevertheless, I can say with some authority that they all survived (the one that didn’t is definitely not my fault!) and many of them are better off in the long run. A brief run in with a business partner encourages clients to get a shareholders agreement in place to avoid a bigger problem down the line. Contract disputes have demonstrated the benefits of having proper written contracts in place, and divorce, well divorce just reminds people of the reasons not to get married, or at least to have a pre-nup in place if you do.

Having said all of that, I’m still a big advocate of prevention being better than cure. I’m very happy to take on any dispute you have, but I’d much rather help you put the paperwork in place which will hopefully avoid a dispute, or at the very least give you a much better chance of a successful outcome if there is a falling out.

So let’s hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.

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