When can you stop wishing people Happy New Year?

When you first see them after 1 January?

At the end of the first week of Jan?

The First week of Feb???

First week of March!!!!

But what if your new year isn’t 31 Dec?

In Iran it’s in March.

In Israel it’s in September

Even the Chinese have it at a different time and spread it over a few days.

In Disney world they used to have a New Year’s Eve celebration every night with fireworks and a party.  No idea what they actually did on the real night?  Perhaps they took the night off!

So perhaps we now have the ability to celebrate new year all year round?

If dates are important to you, then a good New Years resolution might be to check all the dates in your contracts.

Are you charging interest from when you should?

Have you kept up to speed with the latest changes in the law?

Are their break clauses you’d forgotten about?

And most importantly, do you know someone who can help you sort it all out?  Of course you do!

Kleyman & Co Solicitors.   Good with all kinds of celebrations and dates.