In a few weeks’ time, I will have been working in Whetstone High Road for 18 years, as I started when my eldest son was 4 months old and he celebrated his 18th birthday just before Christmas!  During that time I’ve worked in different buildings and for different companies, but always in the same road. 


There are many things about the area that I like.  It’s far enough out of central London so that the rents aren’t sky high for our beautiful offices, but it’s near enough that I can get to Court and to meet clients easily.  It also has a Waitrose and an M&S Food hall – not that I’m spoiled or anything.


We also have the benefit of a wide range of restaurants and cafes.  Everything from very smart swanky places, to sandwich bars and even a Subway, which is where I ventured for my lunch recently.  What should have been a quick and easy transaction turned out to be a test of patience and understanding, partly because along with their wide range of fillings and sauces, they also have a wide range of deals and offers, none of which make any sense.  For example, I wanted a salad, but they wanted me to order a sandwich so that I could have the salad for free, but the sandwich was more expensive than the salad, and no one was around to eat the extra food.  Then they wanted me to order a drink, but the only options were fizzy drinks (which I never have) or a bottle of water, when I already have two bottles of water on my desk from previous visits.  I simply don’t have the room for any more!


So, what I’m sure the Subway executives think are great promotional ideas to encourage better relationship with their customers, are actually confusing and frustrating.  All I wanted was a salad, which I did eventually get but I have no idea how they reached the price!


The moral of this story is to keep it as simple and easy as possible, which is true of all types of legal paperwork too.  If you need someone to cast their eye over your ts and cs or standard terms of business, drop me a line at  Head your e-mail “show me the salad” and we’ll find somewhere easy to get to that serves great drinks at straight forward prices.


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