For those of you who know me well, you’ll know that my partner David Meathrel has a background in financial services, having worked for a number of FTSE 100 companies for many years, before he decided to take it easy (!!!!) by joining me to run a number of companies including a law firm.

This means that in addition to the usual topics of conversation, such as:

1. Will Southampton get relegated this season

2. What fancy restaurant are we going to for dinner tonight

3. Do I want another glass of champagne (stupid question)

4. How badly will Southampton play tonight (another stupid question) and

5. Why haven’t we billed more this month (no matter how high the figure is, I will always get asked this).

We also discuss such interesting matters such as:

6. What is a wrap platform (we’ve been together 11 years and I’m still not sure I understand)

7. Why is crypto currency a bad idea (because it’s unregulated and unbacked – see, I do pay attention)

8. What is a dead cat bounce (I’m not making it up – honestly, that is a phrase – but before you call the RSPCA, it is purely metaphorical)

9. Why you should never try to catch a falling knife (and we’re back to the stupid questions)

10. And, most recently, what is a failure resume!

As we have just started the process of recruiting again for the next round of paralegals to start in with us in the spring, you may think that a failure resume was a reference to the number of really poor CVs we receive every year, mostly from people who don’t read the job description or don’t think the terms apply to them! However, it is actually a reference to a number of investment businesses that have started putting information on their websites about their worst investment decisions. And it turns out that the worse investment decisions are the times they decided NOT to invest. No matter how bad an investment is, it pales into insignificance if you had the chance to invest in Apple or Facebook at the outset but didn’t. Imagine how rich you would be by now if Touka Sulliman had offered you 10% of his business for a £10,000 investment! And think how gutted you’d be now if you’d said no!

Which means that sometimes doing nothing can be much more expensive than doing something!

That can include not having contracts of employment, or not having insurance in place, or not reading the T&Cs before you sign them, or not having a good solicitor on hand, just in case you might need her.

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