When I was younger, and heading out for the evening, the first question my parents would ask was where I was going (and who with) and the second was when I’d be back.  I never had much in terms of a curfew, but they wanted to know when to start worrying if I wasn’t back – although I suspect they worried from the moment I went out!

These days my kids are more likely to be hassling me for details of where I am and when I’m due back than the other way around, which always makes me suspicious!  What difference does it make when I’m going to be back, so long as the party is finished, all the clearing up is done and any damage is repaired before I get there!  So far I’ve never caught them out at having a party behind my back, but I have my suspicions!

Sometimes I joke to them that I’m going to install CCTV footage to see what they really get up to when I’m not around, but it’s my house so if I wanted to, I could.  But what about your office – if you’re out often like I am, do you wonder if your staff are living it up when you’re not around and if so, do you have to tell them that you’re watching them.

You’d probably assume that you can’t, but in certain circumstances you may be able to spy on your staff, so long as you could show that you had good reason to do so, and that the video obtained was used in very limited circumstances.

If you’re an employer who has reason to believe that your staff may be misbehaving in your absence (like not inviting you to the party!), and you’d like more information on what you can do to combat it, tip me the wink and we’ll have a chat.

If you’re an employee who is worried that you’re being watched, blink once for yes and twice for no and we’ll set up a meeting.

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