When I was younger, my mum was great at finding interesting things to read and then sharing them with me.  One of my favourites that she found was a little piece entitled All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten.    I loved it as a child, but as an adult I've realised how accurate it is.  If we applied in life the lessons we learned at nursery school, we'd probably be better off.  Simple things such as saying you're sorry when you hurt someone or putting things back where you found them and cleaning up your own mess.  I wonder if we'd all be better off if governments remembered such basic advice.
Today things are different.  My children learn more from TV and computers than they do from reading.  The subject of the light bulb came up recently, and my ten year old announced that it was invented by Thomas Edison.  I checked and he was right.  Impressed, I asked him how he knew this.  Simple, he said, it was in an episode of The Simpsons.  Of course this is also a show where the lead male adult is regularly drunk and often seen trying to strangle his son.  So I have mixed views as to whether this is enhancing his education or not.
Where do you get your information from and how do you know it's accurate.  If you are relying on what you've always done before or what you've seen other people do, does that mean it's the best possible practice.  You may have been set a bad example, or things may have changed.  Some advice will always stand the test of time, like remembering to watch out for traffic, but other pieces of advice go out of fashion, like having blue hair.
So perhaps it's time for a bit of a review.  Do your Ts and Cs reflect what you actually give and expect to get.  Are your staff contracts legally compliant given the ever changing world of employment law.  Do your childcare arrangements with your ex need reviewing as your kids are getting older.  Are your wills up to date (do you even have a will!) and does your website give all the right information about you.  I did a new lease for a client a year ago but they still have their old address on their website because no one remembered to change it!
If any of these things strike a chord with you, or if you just want to meet up for milk and cookies at break time, drop me a line at stephanie@kleymansolicitors.com.
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