With new technology comes new laws.

For example, if you look back to when cars became more readily available, laws had to be introduced to regulate their production and driving, although you may be surprised to learn that the law setting an alcohol limit for drink driving wasn’t set until 1967.

As transport continues to develop, so must the law, including the law covering the use of drones, and pictures produced by them. Whilst this is still a very new area of law, there have been several cases on the subject of whether flying your drone over someone else’s property can amount to a trespass.

Spoiler alert – it can and almost certainly will unless the drone is sufficiently high up, in which case you probably won’t see anything which suggests it would be a bit pointless.

What’s more, any pictures you take whilst using such drones, and then publish those pictures can compound the offence, particularly if the court believes that by doing so it will encourage others to commit trespass.

Although this is still a new area of law, and it will be interesting to see how Amazon deals with it if they use drones to deliver parcels, it’s still something people should be aware of and careful about. Being the first to use new technology is great, unless it also lets you be the first one to be sued under new laws!

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