Often the very first question asked by clients is, ‘on what grounds can I get divorced?’ The simple answer to that question is, your spouse’s unreasonable behavior unless you have been living apart for two years or more. 
However often couples assigning this blame towards their soon to be ex-spouse admit that their claims were untrue. Perhaps this isn’t surprising given that unreasonable behaviour is quicker than waiting for the two year anniversary of packing your (or their!) bags.  On the other hand, accusing (or being accused) of being unreasonable when it’s not true can lead to frustration and bad feeling, when a split might otherwise have been amicable. 
Of course, if the break up was already acrimonious this can make reaching a financial agreement much more difficult if parties cannot overcome this gruelling but necessary requirement which is currently part and parcel of obtaining a divorce in England and Wales.
The good news is that even if you do end up blaming or being blamed for the breakdown of the marriage, the facts relied upon in the divorce proceedings have absolutely no bearing whatsoever on the financial settlement.   In this country we have no fault divorce, so you don’t need to refuse to agree to the terms, just because you’re worried about how that might affect you financially.
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