There are plenty of aspects of the law that we’re all familiar with.

We all know that we shouldn’t speed and you don’t need a solicitor to tell you that if you drink and drive, and get caught, you’ll almost certainly lose your licence.

We all know that if you get divorced, there will have to be a split of assets that focuses more on what the spouses reasonably need rather than what they each put in to the marriage, although there are still lots of misconceptions about the extent to which a woman will be required to find work, even if she was a stay at home mum throughout the marriage. There are also many misconceptions about how the law sees unmarried couples. Even those who have lived together long term.

Even more obscure areas of law, such as the Data Protection Act are known to most people, even though there are, again, many misconceptions about what it all means, and, more importantly, how it is applied.

What many people don’t know is how the same laws are often applied differently to different classes of people.

Take, for example, GDPR. How it applies to you and me is very different from how it applies to our children. Children’s data and how they are treated online may not be perfect, but it still provides more protection than it might apply to adults. You may also be surprised to know that for the purposes of GDPR, the relevant age for consent is actually only 13 in the UK. Each member state was given the power to set their own age limit, and that was what the UK went for.

What you may also not be aware of is that the ICO has produced some new guidance aimed at people providing on line gaming platforms, apps and websites for children.

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