Ever had a family dispute over how old your favourite actor is or the most popular search of 2016, what is Brexit? If the answer is yes, and I put my hand up and say yes I did google Jennifer Aniston when I heard she just turned 48! Then you know Wikipedia is most often the first answer that pops up.

Most of us would assume the information is accurate as we are often only searching for trivial matters. However I often encounter more clients then you would think, who tell me my legal advice is wrong based on what they have googled, which is very frustrating given how many years of my life I have dedicated to the law!
So it gives me great pleasure to report that Wikipedia have banned the Daily Mail as a credible source on its page. Going so far as to encourage its users to remove or replace any Daily Mail citations on the site.
However whilst I would always say that your sources should always accurately reflect the facts and doesn’t fabricate the truth, it is often useful to get a second OPINION or just to make sure you’re not going bonkers!
So Kleyman & Co Solicitors are here to give you the truth and nothing but the truth but we are also here to have a friendly chat and offer you a second opinion.
Whether you want us to check your facts or check your contract, drop us a line at stephanie@kleymansolicitors.com and we’ll check our diary.