If you are anything like me and allergic to marriage, then not having to deal with ‘bridezilla’ syndrome is another reason to avoid a trip down the aisle.

Of course, for those of you who do wish to tie the knot (preferably not around your own or each other’s necks) you need to consider more than just your wedding dress and honeymoon destination. Although it is unlikely that in the lead up to your wedding you will want to be thinking about your will, it would be wise to do so. This is because any will that you have made before you marry will automatically become invalid after the big day. If you died without creating a new will, you would essentially die ‘intestate’ meaning your estate would follow the set rules and not the will you previously made regardless if it is still what you would have wanted.

This might mean that your new bride or groom will inherit all or much of your estate, even if you had children from an earlier marriage that you wanted to provide for.  All these things can be resolved, but it’s much cheaper and easier to do it by agreement now, than by court after the event!

There is a way to protect yourself, and your loved ones, by doing a new will containing a clause that deals with the forthcoming nuptials. This clause is also governed by a strict set of requirements that must be met in order for the clause to be valid, such as naming the intended spouse (so you can’t just do it and hope that Mr/s Right turns up soon) and there is not too big a gap between the will being made and the marriage taking place (so hurry up and set the date or you’ll have to start again!).

If you’re anti marriage, we’re probably given you yet another reason to avoid getting hitched. But if you’re still a hopeless (or hopeful!) romantic, then once you’ve picked the person, popped the question and selected the ring, jog down to our offices for a cup of tea and a chat about what you both need to do to ensure that your future is free from probate heartache.

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