Your money or your hard work and effort down the drain????

We’re all conscious of the importance of having a brand. Your name, your image, your reputation. It’s what you’ve worked hard to build and grow, often on line, so that when people think of your trade or profession, they think of you. When people think of soft drinks, their minds almost always go to Coke. When people think of software, the Intel jingle plays in their heads.  And think of how much time and money I’ve spent on becoming the best known drinking partner in central London (who sometimes does a bit of law on the side!)

Those companies have spent millions not just building those brands, but also protecting them. I was told some years ago that the Disney corporation are the most formidable where protection is concerned, and were referred to in the industry as “Don’t Mess with the Mouse!” However they have deep pockets and can no doubt afford and justify that kind of expenditure.

That might lead you to believe that you can’t do anything to protect your brand, or that perhaps it’s not worth doing so.

Whilst you may not be able to afford to do what the big corporations do, there are still steps you can take to improve your position. If you’ve invested a lot of time and money in developing your name, logo or any of your products or ideas, you should think of these steps as necessary insurance, in the same was as you insure your home or your car.

If your brand is as important to you as my gin and tonic is to me, we should meet up to talk about the things that matter, like how to you protect yourself, and do you prefer Gordon’s or Hendrick’s!

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