Unfortunately, there are many couples that are separating that still live together because of financial reasons (for example). Due to recent events contact for these separating couples may be prolonged even more, as they now most likely have to work from home together and possibly be quarantined together! If you are one of those people and are understandably concerned/anxious at what this may do to your mental health/divorce journey, please see my below suggestions on how to cope over the course of this time.

Firstly, if you are in proceedings or on the road to divorce, consider whether now would be a good time to discuss both of your financial positions. This may be a good opportunity to discuss finances and how they should be dealt with as an outcome of your divorce. It would be great for solicitors (and trainees) like me to have a note of your discussions and the agreement that you and your partner would be open to. Of course, business is open like usual for us and so we are always available whether by email or telephone to provide you with support.

However, of course if the relationship is not amicable, it may not be a good idea to open these types of conversations whilst being in such constant contact with each other. In my experience, depending on how cordial your relationship is with your ex, many of these conversations lead to disputes and animosity – especially without a third-party present to mediate the situation. Therefore, it would be ideal for you to evaluate the relationship you do have and maintain/respect your time apart within the same household if need be. Again, I am only a phone call away to give you support and advice.

If possible, I would suggest that you try to keep your lives at home as separate as possible. I understand that this could be hard with the need to share supplies with each other but if you can live in separate parts of the house – this may help you to respect each other’s space and prolonged contact. If you are relying on 2 years separation and consent as your reasoning for divorce, this should be the norm anyways.

If you are worried about whether this time together damages the time to count towards your 2 years separation with consent feel free to contact me today so that I can give you some guidance on your position.

This is a period of uncertainty and I empathise with the anxiety many broken-up couples may be facing. If you would like more guidance on how to cope with living with your ex-partner during this time of crisis, please drop me a line on 0203 887 8740 or at andrea@kleymansolicitors.com.

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