I’m always looking for new marketing ideas – ways in which I can meet new people, share new ideas and perhaps pick up a client or two along the way.

Some of my ideas should probably stay in my head, as if I said them out loud, I’d worry people.

For example, this week I had the pleasure of giving some advice to a wonderful woman who runs a wedding show business, and we were talking about the people who exhibit at her events.  I was tempted to suggest that I have a stall there, where I could extol the virtues of having a pre nuptial agreement, which I genuine believe is true.  However, the image of all those excited brides to be, expecting to see people selling the dream of a romantic white wedding with beautiful dresses and lovely flowers, suddenly coming across me with my message of potential doom like the ghost of Christmas yet to come, filled me with horror.

Nevertheless, talk of marriage (which I’ve been desperately trying to avoid, despite the newspapers being full of wedding fever these last few weeks) always makes me think of divorce, which can be more expensive than even a royal trip down the aisle.  

It’s not just solicitors that can make it a costly experience, but it’s lack of planning ahead as well.  I wrote a week or so ago about the need to change your will when you get divorced, if you want to make sure that your ex doesn’t get everything you’ve fought so hard to keep for yourself. 

What about the things that are written in trust, such as insurance policies and pensions?    

Did you know that even if you are divorced, and even if your will leaves everything to the cats home, if you have assets that fall outside of your estate that are already set up to go to your now least favourite person, you must arrange to change this, or they will benefit hugely from your demise.  They’ll get an unexpected windfall and there will be nothing that those named in the will can do about it.

All is not lost.  You need a good divorce lawyer who can also help you prepare your new will and make sure that all of your assets are protected, not just those that are in your estate.

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