And some of them are not necessarily a bad thing.  I met my partner quite by accident, and I have a good friend whose beloved child would not exist but for a "mistake".
Of course not all accidents are so welcome and some can be regretted for the rest of your life.
Many businesses these days are anxious to keep costs down, and particularly to avoid legal fees.  This is a good idea for those who are well informed, but can result in even more expense being incurred if you don't have any experience.  The words "a little knowledge is a dangerous thing" can sometimes apply.
In particular, if you are in dispute with a supplier or a customer,  you may be tempted to try to settle the matter yourself, taking the view that what you will lose in perhaps not getting the best possible deal, you will make back in terms of not incurring legal fees.  This can often be a good commercial decision, but there are still times when you can do or say the wrong thing in those negotiations, which can make things far far worse for you should you end up in court.  You could end up losing much more than you were ever hoping to save.
There are two phrases that inexperienced negotiators either don't know about or misuse and abuse. They are "without prejudice" and "subject to contract".  In the right hands these are invaluable tools.  In the wrong hands they can lead to loss and confusion.
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