What should you do if the other parent slams the door in your face and refuses to allow you access to your children as ordered by a court?

Should you beat the door down and carry the child off under your arm? Probably not.

Some better alternatives would be to:

  1. Write to the other parent reminding them of the existence of the court order and inform them that you will apply to enforce the court order if they don’t comply with it.
  2. Apply to court to enforce the order. Judges don’t like their orders to be ignored so there is a high chance of success unless the parent has a good reason for refusing your access.

If your application is successful, the Judge could enforce the order by ordering the parent to carry out unpaid work, transfer residence of the children to you, pay you compensation or even send them to prison! Hopefully this will encourage the parent not to slam the door in your face and to allow you to spend time with your children.

If you are having any problems with access to your children, then please contact Stephanie at stephanie@kleymansolicitors.com. She will never slam the door in your face.