Not wishing to be too cocky or anything, but there are plenty of times when smaller firms (in law and in other industries) can do things better than bigger firms and businesses.   

We can offer a more personal service.  I doubt there are many clients of the big firms that have the personal mobile number of the senior partner, and can contact her in the evenings and at weekends.

And I think we can provide a more cost effective service.  We don’t have the big overheads and expenses that larger firms have, so we’re better value for money, but with the same level of knowledge, experience and ability.

But what has set us apart this week, is that although Clifford Chance and Slaughter and May were bragging about the number of trainees they retained this year (77% and 80% respectively) we are proud of having retained 100% of our trainees!

Of course we only had one trainee qualifying this year, and we couldn’t exactly only keep 80% of her (or even 77%!) but personally I’m still proud of our record and thrilled that Parisa has grown from an enthusiastic paralegal through to being a competent solicitor after three years with us.

Kleyman & Co Solicitors.  The full service law firm.  Proving that bigger doesn’t always mean better!