Each party to a marriage has a duty to provide full and frank disclosure to the other before reaching a financial settlement. However in many cases accusations fly about hidden or undervalued assets. Whether this is a result of suspicious spouses and paranoid professionals, or sneaky spouses deliberately acting fraudulently, it will not be tolerated by the courts as is considered to be preventing justice.
Adverse inferences will be drawn by the courts where it is obvious that a spouse is hiding assets in order to undermine the other spouses claim even if it cannot be proven. So hiders beware, this may not be beneficial to you in the long run.
Also, a recent case has ruled that a financial order on divorce may be set aside if material non-disclosure is discovered which led to the making of an order substantially different to that that would have been made should the assets have been disclosed. This will amount to further costs, acrimony and time for both the hider and the seeker.
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