One of the very first people I met at a networking event was the lovely Miss Ballooniverse (  I was late leaving the event, knowing that my then 6 year old son would be mad at me for not making it back in time for supper.  Miss Ballooniverse made me a beautiful balloon monkey that I guarded all the way home (despite some very strange looks on the train).  Sure enough when I walked through the door, my lateness was forgotten as my son fell in love with his very own personal ballon animal.  I still have the pictures.
Although I meet Miss Ballooniverse often, I always remember that first night which I reminded her of when I met her last night at the XYZ and Rubix Post Mipim Party.  I showed her the pics and told her how much her work of art had meant to my son.  She insisted on making the most wonderful balloon tiger for him which I proudly showed off around the party. 
I was so excited I couldn't wait to tell my son, and so sent him several pictures from the event.  However, my now 11 year old son responded with
It's for you, I said, happily. 
Was the reply.
I was deflated!
So there I was, standing on Euston station platform with a ballon tiger on my arm, getting some VERY strange looks (yes, stranger than normal) wondering if it was worth it, and considering how things have changed in a short space of time!
Of course some things don't change.  Miss Ballooniverse will always be highly entertaining.  XYZ and Rubix will always put on good parties.   Other things will change.  Children grow up and are no longer entertained by balloon animals. Business circumstances change too.  Assets become more or less valuable.  Your overheads may go up or down.  Staffing levels may change as may your need for technology and the value of your IP.
When was the last time you reviewed your t and cs or your will.  Have you looked at your standard contacts recently and considered whether they are still fit for purpose.  Are your employment contracts legally compliant.
If you'd like a free review of any of your legal paperwork, contact me at  We can meet for a coffee and a chat and talk about how things have changed!
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