My favourite joke goes like this.
What's the difference between a Jewish mother and aRottweiler.  Sometimes the Rottweiler lets go.  
The problem with the joke is that it stopped being funny when I realised that I'm a jewish mother, and so in danger of being accused of not letting go.  Which of course made me realise that with all the things we say about our parents, it's now only a question of time before our children are saying the same things about us.  In fact, they probably already are.
I read over the weekend how a mother was a source of embarrassment to her children over and above normal parental levels.  She had misunderstood what certain emojis meant, and had been sending out a crying face, believing it conveyed a message of sympathy and sorrow.  Of course, on closer inspection of the symbol, you could see that the face was actually crying with laughter, and so completely inappropriate when, for example, consoling someone after the death of a loved one.  Another great story relates to a mother who used the text speak "LOL" at the end of text messages to relations advising them of an illness in the family, believing it meant Lots of Love, rather than Laugh out Loud.
Well I'm not going to try to give you a lesson in how to use text speak or how to understand emojis.  I am sufficiently anxious of the consequences of embarrassing my children that I haven't even tried to use them.  In fact, I’m working so hard at not being a Jewish mother that I haven’t actually seen them in weeks!
What I am good at is understanding the law, such as how to interpret contracts and what the consequences of property transaction are.  If you're about to go into business with someone, or are considering setting up in business on your own, and you need a friendly smiling face to help you through the process, send me a text to 07515 913 791 (with or without emoji’s, text speak or any other indecipherable code) and we’ll arrange a time for coffee and a chat.
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