Today I’ve had two young men fighting over me.

You may think that’s normal, but since my youngest son turned 10 it’s not been as common as it used to be.

The two young men in question were on a central line train and were arguing about who was going to give their seat up for me.

Should I be flattered and have my faith in humanity restored.

I should I be offended that they think I need the help.

Actually neither as I had had quite a bit to drink and they were probably trying to save themselves from having me fall in their laps!

But it does go to show how easy it can be to misinterpret things.  Are they being nice, or rude, or is it self preservation.  Or possibly something else that you’d only know if you really really know someone.

Which is why, when in negotiations, you should put as much focus in considering what you know about the other side (are they risk averse, are they cash poor, do they bluff) as you should on the legal technicalities.

So, if your solicitor asks for your opinion on something the other side have done or not done, they are not being lazy or trying to run up fees unnecessarily.  Well, possibly they are but perhaps they recognise that your insight into the other side is just as valuable as their understanding of the legalities.  A successful case can have just as much to do with personalities as it does with legalities.  It’s one of the (many) reasons why I like mediation, because you can learn so much about the other side (and your own side) before it’s too late.

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